NEW Pulse generators

• Dual Technology Fast Differential Pulse Generators
• Differential outputs with user timing deskew
• Low jitter external trigger I/O and integral clock source

PicoScope 9200 Series

• 12 GHz Bandwidth
• 8 GHz trigger
• 8 GHz optical input
• 120 ps TDR/TDT source
• 4 ps typical RMS jitter

PicoScope 9300 Series

• 20 GHz Bandwidth
• 14 GHz trigger
• 9.5 GHz optical input
• 40 ps Differential TDR/TDT source
• 1.8 ps typical RMS jitter

Discontinued Products

• UDS-20xx Series Oscilloscopes
• ITL231A Mine Detector
• ER2-02 Ground Penetrating Radar
• Heads

Eltesta News - 2015 November

The new PicoSource PG900 Series differential pulse generators can stimulate a transmission path, device or network with a broad-spectrum signal in a single instant. These signals are invaluable for making high-speed broadband measurements in many fields such as time-domain reflectometry, semiconductor testing, gigabit interconnect and port testing, and in radar systems.

Despite the dominance of high-speed differential data in today's digital, computing, interconnect and telecommunications systems, it was hard to find cost-effective, fast-transition differential pulse generators - until now!