Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a noninvasive electromagnetic geophysical technique for subsurface exploration, characterization and monitoring. It is widely used in locating lost utilities, environmental site characterization and monitoring, agriculture, archaeological and forensic investigation, unexploded ordnance and land mine detection, groundwater, pavement and infrastructure characterization, mining, ice sounding, permafrost, void, cave and tunnel detection, sinkholes, subsidence, karst, and a host of other applications. It has the highest resolution of any geophysical method for imaging the subsurface, with centimeter scale resolution sometimes possible.

Eltesta produces two models of GPR. The ITL231A Mine Detector is oriented on military applications with depth of penetration up to 70 cm. The ER2-02 GPR is equipped with interchangeable antennas and is directed on civil applications with depth of penetration up to 3 m.

UTL231A Mine Detector
Key specifications

• Available Antennas: 300 MHz; 1 GHz or 2 GHz
• 12 V Battery, Semi-Automated Operation
• Electroluminescent Display
• Depth of penetration up to 3 m
• Stacking or Continuous Mode
• Rugged Case, Portable Trolley
• Lower Price, One man portable

ER2-02 Ground Penetrating Radar
Key specifications

• Detection of metallic and non-metallic mines
with depth of penetration up to 70 cm
• Mine Field Mapping
• Unexploded Bombs Searches
• Police Searches
• Road Structures
• Bridge Structure
• Building Structure