PicoSource PG900 Series

USB Differential Pulse Generators

PicoSource PG900 Series Differential Pulse Generators – high-speed, low-cost, fast-transition instruments that can test transmission paths with a fast pulse, instantly simulating a wide-spectrum signal. These generators are ideal for high-speed broadband measurements such as time-domain reflectometry, semiconductor testing, gigabit port testing, and radar systems.

PicoSource PG900 software

Pulse control PC software

The PicoSource PG900 Series generators are USB controlled from a Microsoft Windows PC running PicoSource PG900 software that is provided with the product. This is a very straightforward control application featuring a helpful graphical display of the pulse, limits and trigger settings as they are applied. Default and User pulse settings can be saved for future recall.

The pulse and trigger waveform displays can be toggled between three timebase settings to show the timing relationship of trigger and pulse, the pulse period or the pulse train being output.

PicoSource PG900 Series USB Differential Pulse Generators