Discontinued Products

The UDS-2000 is the world faster Series PC-Sampling Oscilloscopes, which offers the widest range of measurements and waveform processing capabilities of any multi-Gigahertz PC-scope. With excellent measurement repeatability, exceptional vertical and horizontal resolution also fast display update rate, the UDS-2000 is a powerful measurement tools in both electrical and optical world.

All eight models are dual-channel oscilloscopes having electrical, optical or TDR channels. Electrical bandwidth covers 12 GHz to 30 GHz range, optical bandwidth covers 3 GHz to 8 GHz range, TDR system rise time varies 40 ps to 100 ps. Full-function Direct Trigger provides DC to 1 GHz bandwidth. Several trigger heads expand trigger possibilities up to 12 GHz, while clock recovery heads can be used for data rates up to 2.7 Gbps.

All instruments are PC-Sampling Oscilloscope, or oscilloscopes for Personal Computer. They require just USB 2.0 (FS) or IEEE1284 (ECP mode) connector in your PC to give you the computing power of a stand-alone instrument within your PC. The UDS-2000 is a real key tool for R&D and production testing.

Eltesta delivers wide range of external heads providing some unique measurement capabilities for UDS-2000 Series of PC-Sampling Oscilloscopes.
There are three types of the heads - Trigger Heads, Clock Recovery Heads and Pulse Heads.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a noninvasive electromagnetic geophysical technique for subsurface exploration, characterization and monitoring. It is widely used in locating lost utilities, environmental site characterization and monitoring, agriculture, archaeological and forensic investigation, unexploded ordnance and land mine detection, groundwater, pavement and infrastructure characterization, mining, ice sounding, permafrost, void, cave and tunnel detection, sinkholes, subsidence, karst, and a host of other applications. It has the highest resolution of any geophysical method for imaging the subsurface, with centimeter scale resolution sometimes possible.

Eltesta produces two models of GPR. The ITL231A Mine Detector is oriented on military applications with depth of penetration up to 70 cm. The ER2-02 GPR is equipped with interchangeable antennas and is directed on civil applications with depth of penetration up to 3 m.