UDS-2128 New UDS−2113 Series
PC−Communication Analyzers

Features and Applications

Features and Benefit

• Two electrical channels with 20 GHz (UDS-2128) and 12 GHz (UDS-2123) Electrical Bandwidth

• Integrated/calibrated optical channel with 8 GHz (UDS-2128) and 3 GHz (UDS-2123) unfiltered optical Bandwidth

• Up to three switchable Bessel-Thomson filters for compliance testing with standard data rates from 155 Mbps to 3.125 Gbps

• 750 nm to 1650 nm Wavelength range

• Single- or multi-mode fibers

• 14-Bit Vertical Resolution

• Dual Time Base 10 ps/div to 2 ms/div

• 100 fs Sampling Interval

• DC to 1 GHz Full-function Direct Trigger

• 12 GHz Prescaled Trigger

• 10 Mbps to 2.7 Gbps Continuous Rate Clock and Data Recovery

• 40 ps TDR/TDT

• Up to 4 k-point record length per channel

• Normal, Infinitive, Variable Persistence and Color Graded Display Modes

• High Resolution Cursor and Automatic Waveform Measurements with Statistics

• Waveform Processing including FFT

• Statistical analysis with Time and Voltage Histograms

• Automated Eye-Diagram Measurements for NRZ and RZ signal types

• Automated Mask test with Predefine Standard, and Custom Masks

• Familiar Windows Intuitive Graphical User Interface

• Built-in information system

• USB 2.0 (FS) or IEEE1284 (ECP mode) UDS-2000 to PC Interface

• Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP Compatibility


• High-speed Optical Communications Testing: Extinction Ratio, Optical Power, Jitter, Q-factor

• Eye-pattern and Pulse Shape Analysis

• Electronic Mask Drawing and Display

• Optical Signal Analysis

• Conformance Testing

• NRZ and RZ Pulse Characterization

• Electrical Standards Compliance Testing

• Semiconductor Characterization

• Telecom Service and Manufacturing, Wireless Carrier Analysis

• Timing Analysis

• Digital System Design and Characterization

• Automatic Pass/Fail Limit Testing

• Time Domain Reflectometry and Time Domain Transmission, Impedance and Cross-talk Characterization of Circuit Boards, IC Packages and Cables

• High Speed Serial Bus Pulse Response

UDS-2128, New UDS-2113
PC-Communication Analyzers

Key specifications

• 20 GHz or 12 GHz Electrical Bandwidth

• 8 GHz or 3 GHz Unfiltered Optical Bandwidth

• Two electrical /One optical channel

• Three Bessel-Thomson filters

• 750 nm to 1650 nm Wavelength range

• DC to 1 GHz Full-function Trigger

• 12-GHz Optional Prescaled Trigger

• Optional Clock Recovery Trigger